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Causes of Road Accidents in Australia

a wrecked SUV and sedan after a road accidentEvery day, hundreds of road traffic accidents happen across the country. It is our responsibility to take care not only of ourselves but also, to be keen for others. Driving is an experience where we can test our ability on how we comply with the road signs. Going to work, school, or for a vacation using your vehicle is a big convenience for the drivers, not only can they sit comfortably without disturbing others, but also to freely do what they want during the entire trip. But, are we knowledgeable enough to know the consequences if we fail to comply with the road signs? Recklessness is one of the behaviors a driver must avoid because it can lead to a dangerous accident resulting in serious injuries.

Car accidents in Australia occur for a variety of reasons. For your safety, we listed below the five of the most common causes of car accidents in Australia so you can avoid the danger and the damage.

1. Speeding

Speeding is dangerous for everyone. It is the number 1 cause of fatal car accidents in Australia. Every time you overtake a car or attempt to get ahead when going on a freeway, you’re likely to be speeding without being cautious about what happens next. Consider a regular check on your speed and slow down for appropriate roads, especially in poor weather conditions, increase your visibility by turning on the headlights and hazard lights. Make sure to reduce speeds in areas with pedestrians or livestock activity and at night to avoid any accident.

2. Intoxication or Driving under the influence

Being intoxicated while driving is another major cause of fatal road accidents in Australia. Alcohol affects your ability to control movement, it also reduces light sensitivity and can give you the blurred vision that can lead to inaccuracies and reckless driving. Insisting on driving while under the influence of alcohol not only puts yourself at risk, but also, your passenger, other drivers, properties on the road, and pedestrians. When you think that you can’t drive, it is best if you call a friend to drive you home, as drunk drivers become a serious threat on the road causing an inevitable accident. 

3. Not wearing seatbelts

Buckle up! People who refuse to wear seatbelts simply don’t understand the forces generated by an accident. Failure to wear seatbelts doesn’t cause fatal accidents, but it is responsible for fatal wounds in a high proportion of car accidents. Wearing a seatbelt that is properly adjusted reduces the risk of serious injuries by 50 percent. Not wearing a seatbelt might not be the cause of an accident, but it does have an impact on the chances of a death occurring. Safety first to avoid road accidents, it’s for the benefit of everyone. So, when you buckle up, make sure everyone around you buckles up too for your safety.

4. Fatigue or Drowsiness

Driving while fatigued or drowsy is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. It is believed to be a fatal car accident. Another major issue is that most people are unaware of just how bad their driving is as this impacts their cognitive abilities to think straight. To avoid any further damage or road accidents, it is best to take a nap for 20-30 minutes as this can improve alertness. If you are on a long drive, consider stopping for 10-15 minutes every 2 hours. Also, drinking a caffeinated beverage could help to ease the drowsiness and can significantly help you to gain alertness. Make sure to have enough energy or someone you can switch driving to for a better and relaxed journey ahead!

5. Distraction

Just focus on driving! Being distracted is a common cause of a road accident and was added to the leading causes of death on Australian roads. Distraction activities can be by looking at your phone, by your passengers, removing your hands from the wheel, eating or drinking, looking away while having a conversation with someone, loud noises, or not being in a good mood. The impact of distraction on drivers is relatively understandable. It is important to pay attention while driving to avoid any problem that can lead to a serious accident. Being disciplined is the best way to achieve our long road trips safely and soundly.

And, as a passenger, you should care about safety, consider being an assistant to the driver because driving is about bringing you safely to the place where you want to be and taking you home safely. So, if we are to follow all the road signs together, everyone can avoid the causes of road accidents in Australia. 

Traffic Control Assistance

The causes of car accidents vary from driver to driver; circumstance to circumstance. To ensure safety and avoid road accidents in Australia, talk to a traffic control specialist. Call Nowra Traffic today for your traffic control needs.

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